Peace Corps Timeline

(originally posted November 16th, 2010)

It seems to be a kind of right of passage for volunteers to post their application timeline:  when they were nominated, when they were medically cleared for service, when they were officially invited to volunteer.  We haven’t done this yet, but considering how anxious we were for news about our destination this time last year (and how many hits we’re receiving from Peace Corps Journals these days), I thought it would be good to share, especially for anyone searching for insight into their own application struggles.

February 14th, 2009 – Applications submitted (followed by a celebratory dinner at Devotay!)
March 21th, 2009 – Interviewed by the University of Iowa Peace Corps representative, together and separately
April 4th, 2009 – Completed what, at the time, felt like a dozen repetitive skill addendums about our skills and experience
July 13th, 2009 – Nominated to serve in the Caucasus region in April 2010
July 26th, 2009 – Received our medical forms
November 12th, 2009 – Medical forms sent (Sean sent his in earlier than me)
January 10th, 2010 – Medically cleared for service
February 13th, 2010 – Officially invited to serve

Almost a year to the day, which is pretty good for a couple.

We were slow to turn in our medical forms for a few reasons.  First, we were planning a wedding.  Second, we were very, very thorough and meticulous.  Although it took us several trips to the doctor, we didn’t have any holds or problems – apparently a rarity, according to the Peace Corps nurse.

For those applying to Peace Corps or waiting for news, we’re happy to answer any questions we can (you can comment or find our email here).  Additionally, all the preparations we made before coming, including waiting for medical news and our invitation, can be found by clicking on the Peace Corps Prep category.  Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Peace Corps Timeline”

  1. margaret sheridan said:

    I’m coming to Georgia (if all paperwork goes well) in April as a Peace Corps Response volunteer. I served as a PC volunteer in Albania (2006-2008), then as a blitz recruiter in Chicago until Feb. 2011.
    Would love to be in touch with Tom, Sean and McKinzie.
    cheers, margaret sheridan, chicago

    • Hi Margaret – thanks for reading and commenting! Georgia is a unique, challenging and fun place to be. Let me or McKinze know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to answer them. — Sean

  2. I take my last comment back, we may be coming to replace you, so I am not certain our paths will cross.

  3. Sean and Mckinze, enjoying your blog posts and will be looking forward to ,meeting you both next year some time after May first. My wife and I finally received our invite to Georgia with our departure set for late April 2012. Unlike you two, we will be coming as senior volunteers. Hope to read more about your experiences in the weeks to come and after the holidays. I could not tell from your writings just what your job descriptions were, could you elaborate?

    • Tom Ladek! I am so happy to see your post- like you and your wife I have been invited to serve in Georgia departing April 23, 2012. How exciting! Do you mind if I email you?

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