We haven’t been writing much – well, really, at all – these past few weeks.  I started hostessing at a new restaurant; Sean has been busy working the line at the deli; we successfully hosted our first Christmas for my family and Sean’s mom in our little apartment; and we’ve been making a concerted effort to find our new favorite places in our ‘hood.  Busy busy, and we’re happy with our progress since moving here just over two months ago.

Sometimes we’ll look at each other and remember how different things were six months or a year ago.  Our room used to be freezing.  It was normal to not really know what was going on or what to expect every day.  We had lots and lots of free time – and very few responsibilities.  And yet this new American life, so different than what we’ve had for the past few years and even in a totally new part of the country for us, feels so familiar and uncomplicated.  We’ve slipped right back in to America, and it was easier than we expected.

We’ve stepped away from the blog recently to give ourselves space to decide about how to best move forward with it.  We originally started it to document the process and our experience of packing up, moving and living halfway around the world.  But we’re back now, and our daily life is no longer this exotic thing that we really want to document in detail.  Plus, we’ve found that normally blog-able events and experiences are being captured and shared in other ways (Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.).  Finally, we have the wonderful ability to call, text and email friends and family whenever we want – something I don’t take for granted after our time in Georgia.

With all that, the conclusion might be obvious to all of you:  we’ve decided to stop blogging.  I am so very happy we have a record of the past three years (in fact, one of my favorite rainy day activities is to click “random post” and relive our travels and time in Georgia) and am thankful to all of you that read along.  At times it was all very therapeutic and helped us feel closer to home.  But I don’t like doing doing things if I can’t do them well, and firmly believe it is better to put an end to something when the time is right rather than allowing a slow and painful death.  All good things must come to an end.

Logistically speaking, we’re not going to delete the site; we’ll let it be as-is and perhaps a future Georgian Peace Corps Volunteer will find it useful.  And we’re not ruling out a future return to the blogging world.  We’ll keep seanandmckinze.com (as some of you many remember, it was originally our wedding site); perhaps it will take on some other incarnation in the future.  But for now, we’re saying goodbye to our little blog.  Thanks, world, for reading.

Ringing in the New Year.  Here's to 2013!

Ringing in the New Year. Here’s to all good things in 2013!