A few weeks ago – as in, before we went back to Iowa to load all our stuff into a moving truck – we visited the Oregon Coast.  We tried to go there during my first trip to Oregon in May 2011, but as some of you may remember, we ran into a little hiccup:

Since then I’ve been looking for opportunities to visit.  I love the water and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the coast itself and the towns that line it.  So when we heard the news that our old, dear friend Reid and his ladyfriend were not only coming to visit Portland but also wanted to hit up the coast, well – we were all about it!

It’d been far too long since we’d seen Reid.  He was our neighbor in our Georgian village during training and quickly became one of our dearest friends in Peace Corps. We had some good times with Reid (see here, herehere and here)…

…so when he left Peace Corps in May 2011 to return Stateside for family reasons, we were disappointed (although totally understanding).  Our reunion, then, was 1.5 years in the making!

Reunited, and it feels so good!

The coast (specifically, we went to Cannon Beach) was really pretty, albeit windy and rainy.  The drive there too was autumnal and gorgeous, although you’ll have to take my word on it since I was too busy chatting up our long-lost friends to take pictures.

We also strolled through the town, which was touristy in a cute way.  Coffee shops, candy stores, used booksellers…you know the place.  Still, we had a great day with Liz and Reid and even managed to try some local beer and other delicacies.

Raw oyster shooters!

Reid and Liz are considering a move to the West Coast after their wedding next year.  I’m pushing for Portland.  (Let’s be honest, I’m pushing for everyone I know to move to Portland!)  Good friends are too hard to find.