We went from this, yesterday:

-- Floating around in the pool, enjoying the sunshine --

To this, today:

-- Charting steps of project development --

We’re just up the coast from Batumi, in the tiny beach town of Ureki.  (On a side note, they have sand on their beach – apparently it’s magnetic and cures cardiovascular ailments?!)  We’re here with our G10 business volunteer friends and our counterparts, participating in Peace Corps’ Project Design and Management conference.  We heard this information during Pre-Service Training, but reviewing the information with our counterparts and, more importantly, the aid of a translator, is helpful.  The idea is that we’ll leave with a project more or less ready to implement in our cities and villages.

It’s definitely not vacation, though, and we’re reeling a bit from the 180-degree shift.  We had a truly lovely time and I’m sure we’ll post more on the entire experience soon.  For now, I’m going to fall asleep to Russian MTV in preparation for another day of workshopping.